Thursday, 4 September 2014

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained (today we celebrate our 5th year in business!)

Good afternoon All

Yes, today is a pretty special day, as it marks 5 years to the day that we formed Straightforward Consultancy.

Overall it's been a great experience, because when I left DHL (see my earlier blogs for the history), I knew I wanted to do something different, but it took a while to come to me.

After spending 30 years on the supply side of logistics in  operations, sales and management for some large companies, my mind was clogged with their routines, culture and processes, much of which I thought didnt help them to grow.

I had also noticed over time that small-medium sized importers and exporters often received the poorest service and paid the highest freight rates, and as the years passed, the expertise had left (or wasn't there in the first place) and non-experts were trying to manage a pretty complex area.

So began the idea behind SCL, and we're very grateful to those companies who took a leap of faith and appointed us early on, many of whom are still with us today.

If I had to say why I think we've been successful, it's all about having a good idea, telling people about it and demonstrating that you can make a real difference, adding lots of value and going the extra mile.

It really doesn't seem like 5 years but that's probably because it seems like there's always something we need to do, and it has to be said, there is a lot to think about with a small enterprise but I have to say that it has been a really satisfying (despite all the challenges).

We have just rebranded and launched our new website which clearly sets out our core services, links to our blog and provides customer testimonials and case studies (and our new brochure).

Please do contact us if you'd like to discuss how we could help you to transform the way your import or export activity is managed and achieve significant cost savings into the bargain.

Kind Regards

Andy Cliff